Get the Flash Player to see this player. is a website dedicated to providing developmentally-based, practical information and resources for children on the autism spectrum and to the people who support them. In the pages of the website, you will find downloadable visual supports, web-links, and additional resources.

The Tulare County/District Special Education Local Plan Area (SELPA)created the Autism Resources website to assist parents, professionals, and other members of the community by providing information on Autism Spectrum Disorders. is a non-profit agency committed to increasing public awareness regarding autism and its effects through a series of candid and compelling interviews with experts and professionals in the field, individuals with autism, and family members. These documentaries may be useful for families and service providers learning about Autism Spectrum Disorders.

The Kaiser Permanente Medical Group, San Jose Medical Center, Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Clinic created a family resource page with downloadable handouts addressing topics including communication and language development for young children with ASD, social and play development for young children with ASD, functional communication skills in older children with ASD, addressing behavior challenges, and working with schools and service providers.
The SCERTS Model